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Made of 100% medical-grade silicone

No leaks.
No stress.

Up to 12 hours before it needs changing
Stays in place and doesn't move
No need to worry about unpleasant Oduors
No risk of infection or allergic reaction
No unpleasant waste

By Staying Free I Live Better

Improve your quality of life, by living free and active all the time.

12 hours

The Cherry Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, in comfort, and reducing the inconvenience of changing sanitary pads, during traveling.



Only needs replacement every 5 years.

Stay active

You can work out, run, and even swim with the Cherry Cup.

FDA Registered

The Cherry Cup is one of the few cups on the market that is officially registered with the FDA.

Save Money

Save hundreds of dollar annually. Cha-ching!


The Cherry Cup is so comfortable you won't even feel it (when inserted correctly.)

Medical Grade Silicone

The Cherry Cup use high quality Healthcare Grade, Class VI silicone and our products are produced in an ISO certified facility.

Made in USA

Manufactured without artificial coloring, bleach, or other chemicals, to the highest standards.

Comfortable, Effortless.

How To Choose Cherry Menstrual Cup?

Upgrade your period

more than 20,000

cherry cup have been sold since 2018

Customers Reviews

What should I know about The Cherry Period Cup?

Do I need to remove the cup when I go to pee?

You don’t have to remove it. You can urinate while wearing it

How do I wash and empty the cup when I am outside?

You can wash it under running tap water, rinse it and use it again

Can I go to sleep while wearing the Cherry cup?

You absolutely can go to sleep with your menstrual cup replacing disposable maxi-pads.

How do I know when the cup is full?

You don’t wait for the cup to be full. You empty it on a schedule that is convenient, and you find fits your flow.